are you looking for me? thats great!i am a binaryman living in Bangladesh.

i am a Reading B.Sc hons in Computer Science Final year.

i love to listen music, Watching Movie.

i love eating meat. i am a non-veg.

i love reading rss feeds – do u have a tech blog? i would love to know.

i love fish – specially Hilsha.
i love shopping .

i don’t wear wrist watches.

i love to read books.

i dont love to stay outside of my own room

i always try to sleep as much as i can.

i love to celebrate achievements

i love work

i love reading comics.

i am a big fan of MLTR, savage garden, Souls, Nagar Baul & Under Grounds.

i love to pay for your software, but I love more when someone make it opensource

i love to watch tom and jerry

i love to read technical slides

My Friends :

Its was my fault that i didn’t say anything about my friends. so now i listen. i found 3 group of friend in my life till now..in School, in college, in versity. In school i have got more then 30 friends. In college i have got more then 20 friends.In versity i have got moreover 10 good friends. In versity i have got some best friend. I dont want to mention their name coz I think they already know that.

My friends are not only in BD but also in Abroad in America and Europe.

Friends : (Alphabetic Order)
Anam (Guy), Adil (Ntv), Alamgir (Banglalink), Bayezid (Ku), Emran (Sylhet), Fayez (Make it 2), Faijur(Dr.)Imran (Share Market), Jitu (Limited man), Masum (Billah.com),Nancy(Vabi), Parvez (Guitarist), Pinak (Patha), Rony(Oti Vodro), Rasel (Chacha),Rumel(Easy Busy), Suba (Shony), Sabrina, Tipu(Dr.)…….. its not complete so my other friends dont take it other wise i must complete the list.


12 comments so far

  1. Fayez on

    Greate,i visit ur webpage ,it was really really greate.i would like to say u improvising urself.u really did good job,i like that,really u r the man?
    u don’t like ur friend,u should say something about ur friend.
    i wish u will add this part.

  2. Fayez on

    Thanks for ur response,now it’s look good.i really Appreciate ur response
    because u respect the comment.
    i wish u will reach ur goal.
    Have a good luck.

  3. bdtiger on

    You the people who is the more near to me. so why not i response for u. Thank for your valuable comment. i think that will be continue.

  4. S.M. Mehdi Akram [ROYAL] on


  5. name on

    do you work with php? or design websites? i need a programmer.

  6. bdtiger on

    no name. i know little bit about php.
    may b it will not sufficient for u.

  7. Sattadir on

    Nice site, Color combination is so smart

  8. hi im jumman khadem on

    hi all salam

  9. jumman khadem on
  10. m@q on

    Liked your site Parvez…

  11. bdtiger on


  12. kranti on

    May I know the source of your WiMAX report…remember the time…!!!

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