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Downlaod Bangladeshi Flag

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unix man page to txt

Easiest way –
$man ls | col -bx > myfile.txt

Typical linux partitions

/ – root partition
/home – home dir of the users
/mnt – mount points for the external file systems
/bin – common programs, binaries
/sbin – programs, binaries used by the sytem or system admin
/etc – system configuration files
/boot – startup files, kernel, vmlinuz, grub data etc.
/initrd – in some distribution, information for booting
/misc – for miscellaneous purposes
/opt – extra, optional thrid part software
/proc – virtual file system containing information about system resources
/dev – reference to all peripherals files
/lib – library files, files for all kinds of programs needed by the system and users
/net – mount points for entire remote file systems
/tmp – temporary files used by the system
/usr – all user related programs, library, documentations etc.
/var – variable files and temp files like log files, mail queue, print queue, CD image etc.
/root – home directory of the ‘root’ user
/lost+found – files that were saved during system or apps failure, every partition has its own system